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Ready-to-use new units with Gethighstayhigh sourcing everthing are £245 which includes insured post. The unit will be a Kobo Aura Edition 2 +GPS/Barometer/Vario (Bluefly). Gethighstayhigh supplied hardware includes a year warranty excluding physical damage .

The Aura Edition 2 is the current production Kobo that is XCSoar compatible and has a 212dpi screen. It has a capactive screen (unlike most discontinued Kobo’s that have an infrared screen), so HG/PG pilots will require capacitive gloves or conductive thread sewn into a finger of conventional gloves (more detail on ACCESSORIES tab).

See the ACCESSORIES tab for ideas for how to mount your kobo.

A Build-only service (£60) is also available for customer’s supplying their own Kobo & Instrument. See KOBO SELF BUILD tab for suitable Kobo models.

General Kobo features
  • The clearest sunlight-readable device available
  • Integrated with GPS and Barometer
  • up to 7.5 hrs runtime (depending on model/instrument)
  • Supplementary power easily adds to this runtime
  • Mutable audio vario….
  • Uses XCSoar; from simple to advanced needs
  • Compact – just 9mm thick and 180 grams
  • Ready to use, complete with quick-start guide
  • To buy, contact us at


The cost can be reduced by using an older/pre-loved Kobo, and/or choosing a GPS-only device (i.e. no barometer).Whilst the older units are still perfectly functional, the main differences will be:

  • a lower screen resolution  (typically 170dpi instead of 212dpi, although the GLO HD has 300dpi)
  • 1,000mAh battery instead of 1,500mAh   (giving 4.5hrs with a Bluefly, 7hrs as a GPS-only device)
  • Sometimes there is some  ghosting on the older models
  • The older 5″ Kobo Mini can be useful if cockpit space is severely limited   (most usable Kobo’s have 6″ screens)
  • A GPS-only device will not have barometric altitude.  Altitude readings/computations using GPS derived altitude should only be considered indicative.

Payment by Bank transfer or PayPal.


Fully sunlight readable navigation aids for pilots of Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hangliders and Microlights