Ready-to-use units:
  • £255Kobo Clara HD + GPS/Barometer/Vario   (incl’s post)
  • £60 – Build-only service (customer supplies Kobo & instrument)
How to purchase
  • Contact us at
  • Despatch after 3~4 days      (or next day from stock)
  • UK insured/tracked delivery is next day
  • Worldwide – insured/tracked delivery av. 3~5 working days
  • Payment: Bank Transfer (UK), Paypal (Worldwide)
Some more detail

Kobo Clara HD – key features of this new model (July 2018) are:

  • 300 dpi HD resolution (previous Aura 2 model was 212 dpi)
  • Touch screen is more responsive
  • Smaller external dimensions (but still 6″ screen estate)
  • One low impact quirk: after turning on, the first-only screen is blank, but touch where a screen option should be, and thereafter everything functions as normal.

The instrument fitted is a combined GPS/Barometer (the ‘Bluefly’), which also has a useful (mutable) audio vario. The GPS chip is a SierraWireless XA1110 which uses 3 satellite systems; GPS, GLONASS and GALELIO. The barometer provides aviation standard barometric altitude (as GPS altitude is only indicative). Over 8,500 Bluefly’s have been sold worldwide since 2013; its a brilliantly simple and reliable instrument.

Do ask if you have more detailed questions – most pilots do!


General Kobo features

  • The clearest sunlight-readable device available
  • Autonomous unit, with own GPS, Barometer and battery
  • Run time up to 8 hours (new models)
  • Tiny/supplementary power doubles this runtime
  • Mutable audio vario….
  • Uses XCSoar; from simple to advanced needs
  • Compact – just 9mm thick and 180 grams
  • Simplicity & reliability (Linux based)
  • Ready to use, complete with quick-start guide
  • Ongoing support/help by email
  • Ready-to-use units have a year’s warranty
  • See the ACCESSORIES tab for ideas for how to mount your kobo.


Fully sunlight readable navigation aids for pilots of Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hangliders and Microlights