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New units with Gethighstayhigh sourcing everthing:

  • £275 – Kobo Aura Edition 2 +GPS/Barometer/Vario (Bluefly)
  • Note that Gethighstayhigh supplied hardware includes a year warranty excluding physical damage      

or, Customer supplies hardware

  • £60 – Build only     

The currently production Kobo is the Aura Edition 2, which has a 212dpi screen. It has a capactive screen (unlike most discontinued Kobo’s that have an infrared screen), so HG/PG pilots will require capacitive gloves or conductive thread sewn into a finger of conventional gloves. Most other kobo’s out of production are readily available 2nd hand via sources such as ebay (see KOBO SELF BUILD tab for suitable models)

General Kobo features
  • The clearest sunlight-readable device available
  • Integrated with GPS and Barometer
  • up to 7.5 hrs runtime (depending on model/instrument)
  • Supplementary power easily adds to this runtime
  • Mutable audio vario….
  • Uses XCSoar; from simple to advanced needs
  • Compact – just 9mm thick and 180 grams
  • Ready to use, complete with quick-start guide
  • To buy, contact us at


The cost can be reduced by using an older/pre-loved Kobo, and/or choosing a GPS-only device (i.e. no barometer).Whilst the older units are still perfectly functional, the main differences will be:

  • a lower screen resolution  (typically 170dpi instead of 212dpi, although the GLO HD has 300dpi)
  • 1,000mAh battery instead of 1,500mAh   (giving 4.5hrs with a Bluefly, 7hrs as a GPS-only device)
  • Sometimes there is some  ghosting on the older models
  • The older 5″ Kobo Mini can be useful if cockpit space is severely limited   (most usable Kobo’s have 6″ screens)
  • A GPS-only device will not have barometric altitude.  Altitude readings/computations using GPS derived altitude should only be considered indicative.

If delivery to the airfield/hill isn’t possible, then insured UK post is £8, and most overseas locations are £12. Payment by Bank transfer or PayPal.


Fully sunlight readable navigation aids for pilots of Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hangliders and Microlights