GetHighStayHigh build reliable Kobo/XCSoar based navigation aids for pilots that don’t have the time or inclination to build their own. It is however more of a open-source community than a business, helping to support the recent transition to low-cost sunlight readable flight devices.

Nev started GetHighStayHigh back in 2014. In February 2017, after continual demand he is joined by ex-Philips IC layout engineer Tony Moore. Going forward, Tony will preside over building units, but with Nev never far away as an ongoing advocate of this powerful yet simple and reliable flight computer.

Neville Almond

Nev has over 500 hours using these as his primary instrumentation. Each new Kobo model/variant, each new release of the Bluefly GPS/Vario, and each major release of XCSoar is thoroughly tested before being used in customer units. Each Individual customer unit is road tested in all 4 dimensions before despatch. After 1,000+ hours usage including testing, GetHighStayHigh have a high degree of confidence in the product, and consequently are an advocate of:

  • XCSoar – the brilliant, reliable open source flight software
  • Kobo – the best sunlight readable screen available
  • Bluefly – the simple, reliable, GPS + Barometer (with audio vario)

Tony has been flying HG’s and PG’s for over 20 years. Tony’s background is electronic engineering, which includes 15+ years at Philips as a IC layout engineer.

Nev has been flying for over 30 years and currently fly’s a 15 metre flapped AIR ATOS VR+ Rigid wing hang glider, holds a few UK records, is a regular winner of the UK cross country league (national ladder), and finished 10th in the 2018 Hang Gliding World Championships. His main interest is cross country flying and ‘racing the day’ to make full use of the conditions and geography available. He believes XCSoar is the ultimate in-flight planning tool.

Fully sunlight readable navigation aids for pilots of Sailplanes, Paragliders, Hangliders and Microlights